Advantages of reading books while in an inversion table

While growing up, many of those reading this articles may have ended up holding a book upside down and trying to read it that way, when they did not eve know how to read. It was likely around that time that most of them were taught how a book should be held, and from then onwards, they likely started to learn how to read. Back then, none of them would have realized it nor would anyone have probably told them that learning how to and practicing read upside down could enable them to read faster.

It may seem unusual and weird to read a book upside down, but your brain will be forced to completely change the way it processes information you will be ta king in from the book. Of course, mastering reading upside may take a lot of practice and time, but once you manage to, you will be able to read right side up far more easily and quickly.

How Is Reading Upside Down Beneficial?

When you are reading, your mind uses pattern recognition to process information. This means that groups of letters are recognized as distinct words. For instance, the reason that your mind is able to recognize the word “read,” rather than seeing it as random letters, is because when you write in English, you use the pattern “R E A D” to spell “read.”

If you start reading upside down, the letters being read will have to be inverted and reordered into a pattern that your mind can recognize, or already recognizes. Hence, if your mind gets used to recognizing the pattern in upside down words, it will recognize words even quicker when they are right side up, making it possible for you to read faster.

When we read, the mind reads words as a whole, rather than every letter. Therefore, the reading upside is similar to being able to read a paragraph, even when then the ltteers in the wrod are in the wrong oredr, as long as the first and last ltteers are at the rghit pclae.

For instance, you may or may not have noticed that some of the words above were deliberately misspelled, but you were likely still able to read them correctly. However, while reading upside down, there is another thing you can do that could help you improve your reading skills, among other things, and that is to read while suspended upside down from an inversion table.

How Can Read While Suspended Hanging Upside Down Over An Inversion Table Help?

Once you are hanging upside down, oxygen-rich blood will flow to your brain and it will take some time to adjust to the weird feeling that you will experience. However, once you get used to it, you will start feeling more alert and focused.

Your brain consumes a lot of oxygen, especially when you are doing something like reading. When oxygen-rich blood will flow to your brain, it will be able to function far better, and it will be able to process upside words quicker as well, so you will manage to master reading upside down faster.

Seeing the world from a perspective you are not accused to will also improve your balance. Along with your mind feeling more focused, you will also be able to think more clearly. Of course, make sure that you are using a quality inversion table so that you do not end up tumbling down onto your head while you are busy trying read a book upside down while also hanging upside down yourself.

So, you see that it was not so bad that you once used to hold books upside down. Of course, you need to learn how to read right side up first. However, now that you are quite well-versed at that, perhaps you can try practicing reading upside down, and then even progress to reading upside down while suspended upside down over an inversion table.

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