The history of massage tables

Get the best relaxation table for your home and enjoy all the pleasure and the stress relieving exercise. If you need a chair massager for your home then get great reviews of chair massager here. You will get unlimited options based on your budget and purpose. However, the importance of online reviews is to give unbiased feedback on functionality and efficiency of the tools without fear of victimization.

Having the best therapist with all the necessary skill without proper tools of the trade is similar to a programmer without the basic knowledge in programming. The history of massage table dates back in the First World War where the Romans and the Greeks used it in their hydrotherapy treatments but it was a service within the gym.

After getting the health benefits of the massage therapies, doctors made one, which was more of a bed but with adjustable legs to suit different positions of the body for physiotherapy treatments. It was made from leather to prevent insects from damaging it. In addition, it was a multipurpose table for operations within the heath facility.

The demand for massage services from individuals with no health challenges led to the innovation of the massage couches in the 19th century to accommodate fashion and aesthetic value of the massage table. Although they were similar to the previous massage tables, they added velvet and cotton with horse hair cushioning to make a soft and comfortable couch/ massage table.

After 40 years, the portable table came into existence to define industrialization and class in furniture. Although the initial one were made of wood of high quality like the vinyl since it was the same time exotic breeds of trees became mature. Later the use of metallic massage tables with foldable legs which defined portability became the fashion in the massage industry. At the same time, there was public awareness of the importance of massage, especially in the Western countries. A massage parlor became a booming business with stiff competition which saw manufacturers of massage table compete to make unique designs to meet the demand. Furthermore, this saw an additional feature of an open/close massage table with foldable legs for portability.

The modern table now factored in a specific group of people like the old, pregnant women, the autistic children, and the physically challenged. They address the challenges of the previous massage tables with additional features like

· Additional padding

· Adjustable table top and the legs

· Layers of different padding abilities

· Use of wood, metal, and vinyl covering

Today the modern massage table takes pride in automated features which are powered by electricity and programmed functions to suit different massage services. Visit health institutions and massage parlor to get a clear view of unlimited capabilities of different massage table from time immemorial.

The best massage table should have a non-flexible height and width with foldable metal legs for portability as well as smooth multiple layers of padding of cotton fabric with an armrest and a face hole. Generally, the investment in the best tool should match the skills offered to meet the massage goals.

The Toilet features development

skd187589sdc_xsThe toilet is one important sanitation tool in a household. It is a tool constantly used by everyone in the home. Before making a choice to buy a toilet, there are many factors to be considered to ensure the comfort of every household. Some of the factors include space, the type of toilet to suit all ages and the type of toilet bowl.

There are different types of toilets depending on the location and availability of water and to help you decide where to place heaters. Comparison of the top rated tankless water heaters here. In urban areas where water is a necessity; they use flush toilets built within the house and connected to the septic tanks or the sewer system. Areas that lack sufficient water supply use pit latrines.  The sanitation equipment can be the same room with the bathtub, depending on home owners taste especially if he needs to save on space and how they can get the right wall mounted toilet. Here are features of a flush toilet

Flush toilet tank

The toilet tank holds water on the upper part of the toilet system. It is fixed on the wall to allow water to flow under gravity. It holds the flush system, which uses the hydraulic concept to allow water to flow from the main source through pipes and later to the toilet once the flash handle is pulled or pushed. The tank is small in shape, depending on the manufacturer. It is made of melamine since it is light in weight. To save on toilet space some homeowners use the upper part as storage for toiletries or 1-piece toilets instead of a clunky 2 piece. Toilet tank has not evolved so much; the same traditional concept is still used in the manufacturer of the current tanks.

Toilet bowl

There are two types of bowls in a flush toilet. There are the seat and the squat bowl. The seat ball has a detachable lid. It is a standard height ideal for teenagers and adults. However, the children can use a potty seat or stand to allow them to use the toilets. Water passes through the pipe to the bowl via the edges so that the entire bowl is in contact with water when one flushes.  The squat bowl is like a pit latrine but uses the flush toilet system.

Flash handle

The flush handle, when pushed or pulled, ignites the flash valve to open and release water to the pipes and then to the bowl. Though still in existence but they currently they use the button handles which you just press for water to flow.

Flash system

The flush system is in inside the tank. It is a complex system which complicated science concepts integrated to ensure there is proper coordination of the water from the main source to the flush tank and then to the pipe, then the bowl and finally channeled to either the sewer system or the septic tanks.

Plumbers have the right skills to fix the flush toilet system and perform the functions effectively. A good flush toilet should be fixed in an area close to the sewer system. The urinal toilets can only handle urine but human solid waste must be disposed of in the flush toilet. The standard color for a flush toilet is white.

Advantages of reading books while in an inversion table

While growing up, many of those reading this articles may have ended up holding a book upside down and trying to read it that way, when they did not eve know how to read. It was likely around that time that most of them were taught how a book should be held, and from then onwards, they likely started to learn how to read. Back then, none of them would have realized it nor would anyone have probably told them that learning how to and practicing read upside down could enable them to read faster.

It may seem unusual and weird to read a book upside down, but your brain will be forced to completely change the way it processes information you will be ta king in from the book. Of course, mastering reading upside may take a lot of practice and time, but once you manage to, you will be able to read right side up far more easily and quickly.

How Is Reading Upside Down Beneficial?

When you are reading, your mind uses pattern recognition to process information. This means that groups of letters are recognized as distinct words. For instance, the reason that your mind is able to recognize the word “read,” rather than seeing it as random letters, is because when you write in English, you use the pattern “R E A D” to spell “read.”

If you start reading upside down, the letters being read will have to be inverted and reordered into a pattern that your mind can recognize, or already recognizes. Hence, if your mind gets used to recognizing the pattern in upside down words, it will recognize words even quicker when they are right side up, making it possible for you to read faster.

When we read, the mind reads words as a whole, rather than every letter. Therefore, the reading upside is similar to being able to read a paragraph, even when then the ltteers in the wrod are in the wrong oredr, as long as the first and last ltteers are at the rghit pclae.

For instance, you may or may not have noticed that some of the words above were deliberately misspelled, but you were likely still able to read them correctly. However, while reading upside down, there is another thing you can do that could help you improve your reading skills, among other things, and that is to read while suspended upside down from an inversion table.

How Can Read While Suspended Hanging Upside Down Over An Inversion Table Help?

Once you are hanging upside down, oxygen-rich blood will flow to your brain and it will take some time to adjust to the weird feeling that you will experience. However, once you get used to it, you will start feeling more alert and focused.

Your brain consumes a lot of oxygen, especially when you are doing something like reading. When oxygen-rich blood will flow to your brain, it will be able to function far better, and it will be able to process upside words quicker as well, so you will manage to master reading upside down faster.

Seeing the world from a perspective you are not accused to will also improve your balance. Along with your mind feeling more focused, you will also be able to think more clearly. Of course, make sure that you are using a quality inversion table so that you do not end up tumbling down onto your head while you are busy trying read a book upside down while also hanging upside down yourself.

So, you see that it was not so bad that you once used to hold books upside down. Of course, you need to learn how to read right side up first. However, now that you are quite well-versed at that, perhaps you can try practicing reading upside down, and then even progress to reading upside down while suspended upside down over an inversion table.

St. Clair County Genealogy

St. Clair County Genealogy       

       Counties: Huron   Sanilac  Lapeer  Tuscola  St.Clair

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Census Information for St. Clair County

Civil War Veterans of St. Clair County

Genealogy Helplist by counties

Kenocke Township History

St. Clair County Biographical Memoirs

St. Clair County Books and Information – Person will do look ups for a small fee.

St. Clair County Cemetery-American History and Genealogy Project

St. Clair County Clerk

St. Clair County GenWeb

St. Clair County History

St. Clair County History and Genealogy

St. Clair County Library System

St. Clair County Mailing List

St. Clair County Marriages and Deaths

St Clair County Memorial Lists from the Michigan Historical Collection

St Clair County Standard Atlas of 1916

St Clair County: Its history and its people



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Sanilac County Draft Board History


Biographical Sketches of Sanilac County’s War Heroes 

People that did not send back their information for this book.

The local broad for the county of Sanilac, as appointed by President Wilson through Governor Albert E. Sleeper, consisted of the following members: Sanford L. Utley, George S. Tweedie and Herbert M. Stone.

The board in their organization made Herbert M. Stone, chairman; Sanford L. Utley secretary: George S. Tweedie, medical examiner. The board was ably assisted the following clerks, viz. Grace L. Kelly, chief clerk; Clementine Donaldson and Maud Felker, associate clerk, and Horace Wilson, a limited service soldier, as stenographer. The Government appointed Robert W. McKenzie, appeal agent, who ably assisted the board and also the Government in the Selective Service Act.

Dr. George S. Tweedie, medical examiner, was assisted in the examination of the Registrants by Dr. Colin G. Robertson, Dr. D.D. McNayghton and Dr. J. W. Scott.

The total registration of June 5, 1917, was 2399 and was between the ages 21and 31, inclusive, and from this registration most of our soldiers from Sanilac county were selected.

The registration of June 5, 1918 consisted of those who became 21 since the 1917 registration, and the number that registered was 230. The registration held August 24, 1918, also consisted of those who became 21 since the June 5, !918, registration. The number that registered at this time was 50.

The registration held September 12, 1918 consisted of all of those who were between the ages of 18 and 45, inclusive, and had not previously registered. The number registering were 3655 making a grand total of four registrations 6334 registrants. The total number classified was 4,272 and they were put in the following classes, Viz. Class I 1196, Class II 454, Class III 169 Class IV 1894, Class V559.

Eclipse Index Deckerville High School 1925

Deckerville High School 1925 Yearbook Index

Last Names First Names                      Pages
Abbot Harleigh 14
Agricultural 38
Andrich Mary 22
Ardis Eugene 10
Bears Melvin 14
Booth Thelma 22
Boys’ Baseball 29
Boys’ Basketball 28
Boys’ Track Team 31
Bravender, R. H                                    2
Bray Dephine 5, 18
Bray Glen  E. 5
Brooks Irene 14
Bryce Mary 18, 19
Buchkowski Anna 14, 15
Burgess Fred 22
Cameron Nellie  B. 10
Cameron Margaret 22
Campbell Velma 14
Campbell Frank 22
Campbell Wayne 22
Carmen Edna 5
Chittick Vera 14
Chittick Clayton 18
Class History 34
Cole Charles 14
Cole Anna 22
Cowan Gladys 6
Cowan Philip 6
Cowan Gladys  M. 10
Cowan Ella 18
Davidson Edna 5
Davidson Ethel 6
Davidson Ethel 8
Davidson Janet 14
Davidson Mary 22
Davis Laura 18
Dawe Dorothy 18
Dawe Curtis 14
Debate Team 32
Driver Milton 22
Driver Edna 22
Driver Glen 22
Dumas Eugene 16
DuVall Mr. 32
Duvoll L. E. 5
Edwards Frederick 10
Elder Lela 22
Feury Ethel 22
Football Team 26
Fritch Lawrence 14
Girls’ Baseball 30
Girls’ Basketball 27
Girls’ Track Team 31
Graham J. J. 14
Greenan Harold 22
Greene Russell 14
Happenings 35
Hardy Pearl  L. 10
Hardy Vera 22
Howard Helen  L. 6, 8
Howard Iva 14
Howard Harold 22
Hunt Faye 18
Jeckell Helen  F. 6
Jeckell Helen  8
Johnson Mary 22
Jones Robert 14
Kennedy Ruth 5
Kincaid Carles  E. 10
Long George 22
Loucks Edna 22
Martin Robert 14
Mater Edna 22
McAlpine Bernice 18
McClusky Karl 22, 23
McNaughton Kenneth 14
McNeil Hilton 18
McVittie Beatrice 22
Merriman Myrna 18, 19
Merriman Joel 18
Merriman Harleigh 22
Merriman Robert 22
Merriman Audrey 22
Merriman Gerhard 22
Mitchell Jack 14
Monroe Glen 18
Montgomery Loraine 22, 23
Moore Carl 14
Morden Ardis 6
Morehouse Louise 5, 14
Moses Mildred 14
Nichol Lillian  H. 8
Noble Viola 22
Noble Eugene 22
Odlem Bella 22
Ogden Glen 18
Orchestra 36
Orton Millie 10
Otron Elmer 18
Paige Gertude  M. 8
Pattullo Marjorie  A. 10
Phillips Orval 14
Phillips Arthur 14
Poole Thomas 5, 22, 38
Poole Winnifred 14
Poole Eunice 18
Powley Edith 14
Randall Leona 18
Read Jimmie 22
Reuter Norman 14
Reva Hilda 18
Richards Meris 14
Scrivener Harold 14
Scrivener Bernice 14
Scrivener Vera 22
Selke Gilbert  H. 8
Selke Olive  F. 8
Sickles Lois 22
Simmons Delta 22
Smith Genevieve 22
Spaetzel Harvey 14
Spencer Arthur 8
Stewart Yetta 18
Stolicker Herom  G. 10
Stoutenburg Stewart 22
Tarzwell Clarence  M. 11
Tate Frances  M. 8
Thayer Thelma 14
Thayer Milton 22
Thompson Clarence 22
Thornton Elton  T. 8
Thornton Gertrude  E. 10
Uhphrey Ray 10
VanSickle Ada 18
Walker Beatrice 14
Walker Millisa 22
Waun Leona 22, 23
Waun Verna  M. 10
West Eunice 6
West France  M. 8
Weyneth Bruce 14
Weyneth Ford 22
Whaling Clifton 22
Willis Geneva 8
Workman Catherine 5
Young Carribel 10

The vintage grilled smokers have

Grilling and smoking are cooking techniques known to preserve the nutritive value of foods. Meat, fish, chicken, vegetables and fruits are ideal meals for grilling. In the tradition society especially the pre-colonial times, where technology and industrialization were still a dream, smoking was the best way to preserve food. The early man who lives in the caves used wood fuel and smoking to prepare the bush meats and the wild fruits. Wood fuel was the only source of energy to produce the smoke and allow cooking over low heat and a long period. Although the same methods are still currently being used; the grilled smokers have been modified to suit modernity, technological advancement, and the digital market.

Advantages of a vintage grilled smoker

  • It was simple and easy to use
  • It was cheap and affordable because wood and charcoal was readily available
  • The grilled meat had a natural taste and sweet aroma
  • The grills were light in weight hence easily portable to suit the old lifestyle of nomadism
  • It was flexible and easy to design

Disadvantages of a vintage grilled smoker

  • It required constant monitoring
  • It was cumbersome to prove the right amount of heat and temperature
  • There was no temperature regulation

Despite the disadvantages, the grilled smokers provided the best cooking appliance for outdoor activities like hunting, nomadism, military operations, adventure, holidays and trips in the jungle.

Who were the main beneficiaries of old grilled smokers?

There was no way you could use these old smokers within the house because of too much smoke produced from the smokers. At the same time, there was no pipe to allow ejected out the smoke in a safe way compared to the current smokers. In addition, burning of wood fuel and charcoal require oxygen to support combustion; in an enclosed environment like the house, there was the risk of suffocation. Furthermore, the lifestyle of people in the pre- colonial era was characterized by outside operations.

Military men, hunters, gatherers, family households, cave men and the early man were the inventors and the users of these smokers. They mainly used wood and charcoal in an open ground as the only source of energy, after all, they were easily available.

What are the similarities and differences of vintage smokers and modern smokers?

The science behind the cooking of the grilled meals remains the same. It involves passage of low heat and temperature over the meats for a long period to allow the cells to be lifeless such that the connecting tissue which makes them hard are loosened for the recipe to be tender and soft for consumption. That’s why most people are loving this models of electric smoker.

The only difference with the modern smoker is the varieties of grilled smokers because of the source of energy, but still, they use wood pellets to produce smoke. The sources of power include electricity, gas, and pellet. In addition, the modern smokers are ideal for indoor grilling and smoking because of good ventilation and a grill area where the smoke is directed to the right place without affecting the user.

The modern smokers are a higher version of vintage grilled smokers; they have only modified the shape, usage, and source of power to suit the modern lifestyle.

The first garment steamer

History of Garment Steamers

By now we all know garment steamers are becoming popular with every passing day. But nobody bothered checking out when was this amazing invention created. Whether it was invented by the Egyptians or the aliens or some random dweller of planet earth. Well, you maybe a little disappointed after knowing it was neither the Egyptians who created the mind-boggling pyramids that no one would have otherwise considered constructing, nor the aliens. This magical device was invented by the Jiffy (jiffy models models discussed here), yes the popular brand”Jiffy” who are still considered one of the top brands around the globe.


The Jiffy came into being in 1940 and that’s when they invented and released  Model J-1 hat garment steamer. And now you know who created the first ever garment steamer.

You must know from watching old photos or war movies based on old days like, “Back to future” they created those old hats known to be fedora that everyone wore were shaped in the way it was by putting it over a kettle of boiling water. The Jiffy j-I hat steamer was specifically invented to steam the hats without having to Kindle the fire or lit the stoves.

The process was so prompt that the idea “I’ll do it in a jiffy” became popular. Soon people realized that the steamer also removed wrinkles out of clothes that couldn’t be ironed.

Thus, began the evolution of garment steamers and to this day jiffy has invented j-2000 and j-4000.

Irons vs. Steamers

Ironing is considered past. A product of iron age and we all can agree we left it far behind and hence, so should be irons. Irons were never neither fun nor comfortable to use.  Irons rusts unless a lot caution is taken and they are prevented from the water. And do not forget how they scorch and burn your clothes and something that has the power to burn your clothes couldn’t be reliable. Also, some clothes are rather sensitive like silk and polypropylene.

Irons are now the thing of past and garment steamers are the thing of today and your near future. In this busy world where everyone is always running late, garment steamer has rather become a necessity for it takes only a few minutes to steam away wrinkles and hours ironing clothes. Also, carpets, drapes, cushions, blanket or quilts can not be ironed whereas, steamers can reach into places irons cannot. Steamers are available in all sizes from commercial to handheld ones. Many industries at a large scale and many small scale ones like seamstresses  and designers use garment steamers for ease. The dry-cleaners also use this amazing device to dry clean your blankets and quilts etc.