The discovery of GPS

Global Positioning system (GPS) is the discovery of the United States Department of Defense in the 1960s, though it started working effectively in 1995. During the World War II, the department of defense has to locate the location of the army, navy and air force. This required great coordination, which the current radio transmissions could not handle. When the navy department needed to locate one of the submarines, they found it a challenge using the radio transmissions, which could not be detected under water using the 24 satellites. One of the United States commanders tried to incorporate the TRANSIT system to locate the submarine using the satellites. They succeeded in locating at least once an hour.

After seven years, they developed Timation-a navigation satellite system, which was able to put clocks on space, which could coordinate with the time on earth. This is a requirement in GPRS navigation system.

The challenges

Many challenges forced the US navy department to the invented OMEGA navigation system, which was to be able to locate time in different parts of the earth at one particular time. The main aim of the invention was to coordinate activities between stations to help attack the enemy.

Better still, it has its own limitation; there was a need for a more collective navigation system to connect people irrespective of the location. It was not an easy task since it proved expensive since it needed comprehensive research, testing, and operation. No one was ready to fund the project. Circumstances forced them to fund. During the Cold war in the US army, According to the United States Congress, there was no reason for withholding funds anymore since the cold war threatened the existence of the United States Army using nuclear bombs. The army countered this by forming a highly- secretive force (nuclear triad) which consisted of the major arms of the US army.

The discovery

The departments were developing parallel systems to increase surveillance. It became evident the US Navy force was slow for the air force and forced them to develop their own to monitor the position of their planes as they try to counter the cold war effect. This lead to project 621B, whose elements were factored in the current GPRS system. Their system was a timely and reduced range. Surveyors benefitted from the system. Combined efforts of different arms of the United States Department of defense and the ground surveyors lead to the development of GPS.

The best functions of the four systems lead to the formation of one customized, complex and complete navigation system. Technological advancement has led to the polishing of project 621B discoveries. Computers have also led to easy and more advanced navigation systems, which can be customized in smartphones, tablets, GPS watches and navigation equipment.

In conclusion, the department of defense of the United States takes the crown in invention, innovation, and discovery of the GPS system. The nuclear threat was a revelation to help in coordination to locate submarines and planes and coordinate to prevent the enemy from penetration. And many people now chose the garmin zumo 390 gps for my motorcycle adventures. There are also many other GPS system to choose from

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