The first garment steamer

History of Garment Steamers

By now we all know garment steamers are becoming popular with every passing day. But nobody bothered checking out when was this amazing invention created. Whether it was invented by the Egyptians or the aliens or some random dweller of planet earth. Well, you maybe a little disappointed after knowing it was neither the Egyptians who created the mind-boggling pyramids that no one would have otherwise considered constructing, nor the aliens. This magical device was invented by the Jiffy (jiffy models models discussed here), yes the popular brand”Jiffy” who are still considered one of the top brands around the globe.


The Jiffy came into being in 1940 and that’s when they invented and released¬† Model J-1 hat garment steamer. And now you know who created the first ever garment steamer.

You must know from watching old photos or war movies based on old days like, “Back to future” they created those old hats known to be fedora that everyone wore were shaped in the way it was by putting it over a kettle of boiling water. The Jiffy j-I hat steamer was specifically invented to steam the hats without having to Kindle the fire or lit the stoves.

The process was so prompt that the idea “I’ll do it in a jiffy” became popular. Soon people realized that the steamer also removed wrinkles out of clothes that couldn’t be ironed.

Thus, began the evolution of garment steamers and to this day jiffy has invented j-2000 and j-4000.

Irons vs. Steamers

Ironing is considered past. A product of iron age and we all can agree we left it far behind and hence, so should be irons. Irons were never neither fun nor comfortable to use.¬† Irons rusts unless a lot caution is taken and they are prevented from the water. And do not forget how they scorch and burn your clothes and something that has the power to burn your clothes couldn’t be reliable. Also, some clothes are rather sensitive like silk and polypropylene.

Irons are now the thing of past and garment steamers are the thing of today and your near future. In this busy world where everyone is always running late, garment steamer has rather become a necessity for it takes only a few minutes to steam away wrinkles and hours ironing clothes. Also, carpets, drapes, cushions, blanket or quilts can not be ironed whereas, steamers can reach into places irons cannot. Steamers are available in all sizes from commercial to handheld ones. Many industries at a large scale and many small scale ones like seamstresses  and designers use garment steamers for ease. The dry-cleaners also use this amazing device to dry clean your blankets and quilts etc.


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