The history of massage tables

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Having the best therapist with all the necessary skill without proper tools of the trade is similar to a programmer without the basic knowledge in programming. The history of massage table dates back in the First World War where the Romans and the Greeks used it in their hydrotherapy treatments but it was a service within the gym.

After getting the health benefits of the massage therapies, doctors made one, which was more of a bed but with adjustable legs to suit different positions of the body for physiotherapy treatments. It was made from leather to prevent insects from damaging it. In addition, it was a multipurpose table for operations within the heath facility.

The demand for massage services from individuals with no health challenges led to the innovation of the massage couches in the 19th century to accommodate fashion and aesthetic value of the massage table. Although they were similar to the previous massage tables, they added velvet and cotton with horse hair cushioning to make a soft and comfortable couch/ massage table.

After 40 years, the portable table came into existence to define industrialization and class in furniture. Although the initial one were made of wood of high quality like the vinyl since it was the same time exotic breeds of trees became mature. Later the use of metallic massage tables with foldable legs which defined portability became the fashion in the massage industry. At the same time, there was public awareness of the importance of massage, especially in the Western countries. A massage parlor became a booming business with stiff competition which saw manufacturers of massage table compete to make unique designs to meet the demand. Furthermore, this saw an additional feature of an open/close massage table with foldable legs for portability.

The modern table now factored in a specific group of people like the old, pregnant women, the autistic children, and the physically challenged. They address the challenges of the previous massage tables with additional features like

· Additional padding

· Adjustable table top and the legs

· Layers of different padding abilities

· Use of wood, metal, and vinyl covering

Today the modern massage table takes pride in automated features which are powered by electricity and programmed functions to suit different massage services. Visit health institutions and massage parlor to get a clear view of unlimited capabilities of different massage table from time immemorial.

The best massage table should have a non-flexible height and width with foldable metal legs for portability as well as smooth multiple layers of padding of cotton fabric with an armrest and a face hole. Generally, the investment in the best tool should match the skills offered to meet the massage goals.

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