The Toilet features development

skd187589sdc_xsThe toilet is one important sanitation tool in a household. It is a tool constantly used by everyone in the home. Before making a choice to buy a toilet, there are many factors to be considered to ensure the comfort of every household. Some of the factors include space, the type of toilet to suit all ages and the type of toilet bowl.

There are different types of toilets depending on the location and availability of water and to help you decide where to place heaters. Comparison of the top rated tankless water heaters here. In urban areas where water is a necessity; they use flush toilets built within the house and connected to the septic tanks or the sewer system. Areas that lack sufficient water supply use pit latrines.  The sanitation equipment can be the same room with the bathtub, depending on home owners taste especially if he needs to save on space and how they can get the right wall mounted toilet. Here are features of a flush toilet

Flush toilet tank

The toilet tank holds water on the upper part of the toilet system. It is fixed on the wall to allow water to flow under gravity. It holds the flush system, which uses the hydraulic concept to allow water to flow from the main source through pipes and later to the toilet once the flash handle is pulled or pushed. The tank is small in shape, depending on the manufacturer. It is made of melamine since it is light in weight. To save on toilet space some homeowners use the upper part as storage for toiletries or 1-piece toilets instead of a clunky 2 piece. Toilet tank has not evolved so much; the same traditional concept is still used in the manufacturer of the current tanks.

Toilet bowl

There are two types of bowls in a flush toilet. There are the seat and the squat bowl. The seat ball has a detachable lid. It is a standard height ideal for teenagers and adults. However, the children can use a potty seat or stand to allow them to use the toilets. Water passes through the pipe to the bowl via the edges so that the entire bowl is in contact with water when one flushes.  The squat bowl is like a pit latrine but uses the flush toilet system.

Flash handle

The flush handle, when pushed or pulled, ignites the flash valve to open and release water to the pipes and then to the bowl. Though still in existence but they currently they use the button handles which you just press for water to flow.

Flash system

The flush system is in inside the tank. It is a complex system which complicated science concepts integrated to ensure there is proper coordination of the water from the main source to the flush tank and then to the pipe, then the bowl and finally channeled to either the sewer system or the septic tanks.

Plumbers have the right skills to fix the flush toilet system and perform the functions effectively. A good flush toilet should be fixed in an area close to the sewer system. The urinal toilets can only handle urine but human solid waste must be disposed of in the flush toilet. The standard color for a flush toilet is white.

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