The vintage grilled smokers have

Grilling and smoking are cooking techniques known to preserve the nutritive value of foods. Meat, fish, chicken, vegetables and fruits are ideal meals for grilling. In the tradition society especially the pre-colonial times, where technology and industrialization were still a dream, smoking was the best way to preserve food. The early man who lives in the caves used wood fuel and smoking to prepare the bush meats and the wild fruits. Wood fuel was the only source of energy to produce the smoke and allow cooking over low heat and a long period. Although the same methods are still currently being used; the grilled smokers have been modified to suit modernity, technological advancement, and the digital market.

Advantages of a vintage grilled smoker

  • It was simple and easy to use
  • It was cheap and affordable because wood and charcoal was readily available
  • The grilled meat had a natural taste and sweet aroma
  • The grills were light in weight hence easily portable to suit the old lifestyle of nomadism
  • It was flexible and easy to design

Disadvantages of a vintage grilled smoker

  • It required constant monitoring
  • It was cumbersome to prove the right amount of heat and temperature
  • There was no temperature regulation

Despite the disadvantages, the grilled smokers provided the best cooking appliance for outdoor activities like hunting, nomadism, military operations, adventure, holidays and trips in the jungle.

Who were the main beneficiaries of old grilled smokers?

There was no way you could use these old smokers within the house because of too much smoke produced from the smokers. At the same time, there was no pipe to allow ejected out the smoke in a safe way compared to the current smokers. In addition, burning of wood fuel and charcoal require oxygen to support combustion; in an enclosed environment like the house, there was the risk of suffocation. Furthermore, the lifestyle of people in the pre- colonial era was characterized by outside operations.

Military men, hunters, gatherers, family households, cave men and the early man were the inventors and the users of these smokers. They mainly used wood and charcoal in an open ground as the only source of energy, after all, they were easily available.

What are the similarities and differences of vintage smokers and modern smokers?

The science behind the cooking of the grilled meals remains the same. It involves passage of low heat and temperature over the meats for a long period to allow the cells to be lifeless such that the connecting tissue which makes them hard are loosened for the recipe to be tender and soft for consumption. That’s why most people are loving this models of electric smoker.

The only difference with the modern smoker is the varieties of grilled smokers because of the source of energy, but still, they use wood pellets to produce smoke. The sources of power include electricity, gas, and pellet. In addition, the modern smokers are ideal for indoor grilling and smoking because of good ventilation and a grill area where the smoke is directed to the right place without affecting the user.

The modern smokers are a higher version of vintage grilled smokers; they have only modified the shape, usage, and source of power to suit the modern lifestyle.

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