5 Woodworking Tools You Will Need for a DIY Bookshelf

Vintage book readers understand the value of bookshelves. If you want to have misunderstandings with your spouse, then try to mess with their books.

Current readers depending on ebooks and other digital tools, do not understand the attachment between books and bookshelves.

It is must-have furniture for every book lover. It’s from the display of the books that you notice a missing book or a book you need to reread or a lost volume.

You don’t need to spend a dime in buying a bookshelf. Just invest in necessary woodwork tools and have fun in making this DIY bookshelf.

Here are the basic ones:

  1. Planer

Wood from the timber yard is never smooth. If you are lucky to fell a tree in your home, you need to smoothen the parts such that the rough texture doesn’t peel the books.

Apart from the smoothening, it also flattens the surface to have an even plane ideal for storing books.

Unless you are planning to open a workshop, a simple planer to prevent sniping is ideal for such a domestic and straightforward woodwork project.

However, never compromise on the durability of the appliance. There is no need to go for a cheaper planer simply because you want to save a few coins, and later abandon it.

Factors to consider when purchasing a planer

  • Size of the blade
  • Availability of spare parts
  • Reviews from other users
  • Warranty duration
  • Motor power consumption

There are two types of planers in the market, the manual one, and the automatic one. All of them are significant in this DIY project.

The only difference is that the manual one is hand-held while the automatic one is powered by electricity. It’s fast and reliable for commercial projects.

Having a manual one shouldn’t deter you from making your much-thought-of bookshelf.

  1. Table saw

For all your woodwork cutting needs, you need a saw. A table saw in specific has a circular blade complete with a motor.

It’s faster and ideal when making the parts of the bookshelf. Once you have the right measurements and you are sure you need to remove some elements, direct it to the machine, and within seconds you have the excess wood chopped off.

As much as the market has powerful models to suit your woodworking needs, choose a simple and user-friendly one. It is a machine you can’t operate as a novice; the possibility of it chopping off your hands is very high.

Woodwork experts’ advise that you get an expert to give you a few tips before you opt to use it on your own.

In case you lack the money to purchase this woodwork appliance, get the standard woodwork saw that uses the hand.

You are still good to go in, making your dream come true- creating a personal bookshelf.

  1. Hammer

Woodwork is all about joining different wood parts. The nail is the major joiner of the wood. The size of the nail now depends on the type of wood, including thickness.

A hammer is a correct tool to hit the nails at the right part to join the wood together for that perfect bookshelf design. Hammers have different sizes and weights.

The best way to know what works for you is to freely and flexibly hold it to suit the hitting operation. Besides, since you are working with nails, a claw hammer is ideal since it has dual functionality. It hits and also aids in the removal of nails. What else do you want?

  1. Woodwork set

Woodwork, as a technical skill, has many small tools that you need to complete a project. When working on a tight budget, yet you want to see the project’s completion, you need to invest in the woodwork set.

It not only gives you an idea of future tools but also provides you with the necessary tools, although designed for small projects.

Some of the typical instruments include paint sprayer, nail gun, miter saw driver, orbital sander, and power drill, among others.

  1. Sandpaper

At the end of cutting and fixing as you wait to paint the shelf, you should give it a smooth finish by rubbing it using sandpaper.

It is an affordable piece of special paper which you quickly forget but very essential in woodwork. In case you have no plans for painting, it gives a natural finish. When correctly done, you can even confuse that it’s a wood-like kind of paint.

What is the stumbling block between you and your books?

Is it the storage space that limits you from purchasing more books?

If yes, then this should be your next project. Go online and get simple designs that you can crack at home.

As a beginner, use manual tools with fewer accident risks but still let you own a DIY bookshelf.

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