Best Table Tennis Players in the History

Table tennis is a popular sport in the Asian countries mainly China. Most of the greatest ping-pong players originate from the continent. The best players have left records yet to be brosd-dingning-1ken. Some still play despite their current ages and still leave a trademark. Here are some of the famous players of all times.

Jan-Ove Waldner

His stage name “Evergreen” says it all, despite the age of 50, he still manages to beat stars. The Swedish native player has numerous fans in China. His stamina to ball response and rebound has made him win many table tennis games. At the age of 16, he was playing at the European championships. Jan got presidential recognition for table tennis. His middle year was spent in China where the sport is a legend with heavy investment in equipment for ping pong. He boasts of over 30 years in high-level table tennis sport with numerous awards and success stories.

Zhang Jike

This is yet another player who registers success and ho tangible weakness in playing the sport. His footwork, backhand, and fast speed in ball response have made him hold international world records for many years. He is the player who won the grand slam in repeatedly in less than two years. He can play from a distance within the court and never misses the ball. However, his arrogant attitude has reduced his number of fans and popularity.

Ma Long

Ma long is renowned for great attacking skills which beat all the best players. The hard-working player is popular for great footwork and handwork with high intensity on ball response. The humble player is perfect in the game. This is one player does not lose a set and is bound to win any high-level game. Every player fears him for his strength and proper mastery of the game and the opponents’ weakness, which he capitalizes and makes a win. Ma Long won a single world championship, a great win in the world history.

Wang Nan

This is a left-handed female table tennis player prominent in playing both doubles and singles with gold medals. The Chinese player has brought table tennis players to high levels through his unique moves and strength in ball handling. He has won four titles in the world cup. She uses the left-hand position to confuse her opponents and make a win.

Zhang Yining

Zhang is also a Chinese player popular for protest grip in ball handling while playing table tennis. In 2009 and 2008, she broke the record by winning the World Table Tennis Championships. She is also renowned for her great strength and stamina while playing the game which has widened her prominence in the sport.

Most famous players of the indoor game come from China. They have mastered the art and studied their opponents’ weaknesses to ensure they clinch the top positions in the championships in both singles and doubles. They practiced at home with this robot and most of them use a good brand of the ping-pong table. They check the in-depth review of the Killerspin revolution table and picked it up from There are many renowned players but the five are the best among the female and men best ping pong players.


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