Most Unique Libraries in the World

Libraries are the paradise to the books lovers and canvas to the historical readers. A library is the collection of information which is provided to the common people. Library not only has books, it can have audio books, videotapes and many other formats. The first library was discovered in 2600 BC in Sumer. A library can be public as well as privet. The library takes readers to the other world. There is a number of libraries in the world, and each library has its own importance. However, there are many libraries in the world which are unique and astonishing. Top 8 most unique libraries in the world are:

1.❑Epos- Norway
This library is located in Norway. The unique feature of this library is it is not present in a building instead this library is in the form of a ship. This ship travels from places to places to provide its service. It covers three counties of Norway. This library started in 1959 and it carries around 6000 books.

2.❑ Tardis- Detroit, USA
The unique feature of this library is it is not gigantic but a pint-size street side library. Dan Zembke built this library. The idea of this library is inspired by the show Doctor Who This minion size library has around 140 books.

3.❑Bibliotece Vasconcelos- Mexico city, Mexico
This is one of the largest libraries in the world, it is located at the downtown area of Mexico City. The size of the library is 400,400 square meters and the number of books in it is around 470,000.

4.❑McAllen public library- Texas, USA
Sometimes library doesn’t have enough space to hold the readers, same happened with McAllen public library and in order to solve this problem they took over former Walmart space. Now, the library visits have doubled.

5.❑Picture book library- Japan
This library is in one of the preschools in Japan. It has a number of children’s book, both national as well as international. Around 1500 books are displayed at a particular point in time and this library can be approximately around 10,000 inluding some books on the history of color photography.

6.❑Beach library- Bulgaria
This library is located at the Bulgarian black sea resort beach. The resort is in Albena city. The library contains almost 2,500 books. The books are shared by 10 different languages.

7.❑Weepon of Mass instruction- Argentina
It is a mobile library. The library is in the form of a tank, this library is created by Raul Lemesoff. He drives this library to all over Argentina provided books in old and small towns.

8.❑Haskell free library and opera house- Canada and USA
This is the first library in the world which is not only located in two different cities but two different countries. It was built on US-Canada border to provide services to border community. Its desk and stacks are located in Canada, however; its front door is located in the USA. There is a line in the middle of the reading room which divides the two countries; therefore, the reading room is international.
These are the some of the unique libraries in the world if you do get a chance to go visit these countries don’t miss a chance to visit them.

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