Sanilac County Draft Board History


Biographical Sketches of Sanilac County’s War Heroes 

People that did not send back their information for this book.

The local broad for the county of Sanilac, as appointed by President Wilson through Governor Albert E. Sleeper, consisted of the following members: Sanford L. Utley, George S. Tweedie and Herbert M. Stone.

The board in their organization made Herbert M. Stone, chairman; Sanford L. Utley secretary: George S. Tweedie, medical examiner. The board was ably assisted the following clerks, viz. Grace L. Kelly, chief clerk; Clementine Donaldson and Maud Felker, associate clerk, and Horace Wilson, a limited service soldier, as stenographer. The Government appointed Robert W. McKenzie, appeal agent, who ably assisted the board and also the Government in the Selective Service Act.

Dr. George S. Tweedie, medical examiner, was assisted in the examination of the Registrants by Dr. Colin G. Robertson, Dr. D.D. McNayghton and Dr. J. W. Scott.

The total registration of June 5, 1917, was 2399 and was between the ages 21and 31, inclusive, and from this registration most of our soldiers from Sanilac county were selected.

The registration of June 5, 1918 consisted of those who became 21 since the 1917 registration, and the number that registered was 230. The registration held August 24, 1918, also consisted of those who became 21 since the June 5, !918, registration. The number that registered at this time was 50.

The registration held September 12, 1918 consisted of all of those who were between the ages of 18 and 45, inclusive, and had not previously registered. The number registering were 3655 making a grand total of four registrations 6334 registrants. The total number classified was 4,272 and they were put in the following classes, Viz. Class I 1196, Class II 454, Class III 169 Class IV 1894, Class V559.

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