Retaining Pertinent Access to Knowledge

Libraries were once the only places where people could access certain information. However, there’s a noticeable difference with the use of the internet and other digital resources. Contrarily, that doesn’t obliterate the relevance of the physical library but reinforces it.

The relevance of Modernized Library Facilities

The progress of technology presented libraries with the need to evolve and expand the range of their services.

Internet Connectivity

To access the many online platforms where people can freely get information

Computerized Documentation Systems

more efficient method of keeping track of the library's books and other resources.

Modernized Library Facilities

To create a more comfortable and efficient avenue for knowledge searching.

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Our Story

Decker Ville library started long ago and only became prominent in 2016. It started from the intense passion of literacy for society, and we align ourselves to ensure we achieve that. During the technology boom, people lost interest in getting hard copy books, except they couldn’t find them online. That’s why we decided to show the community that we’re more.

Apart from the many learning resources we provide, we pride ourselves on being an inclusive part of our society. We do that by creating programs that foster community connectivity and promote knowledge as best we can. That includes promoting local authors and organizing book clubs for different age groups.

Facilities are top-notch

there were recent renovations to enable a more comfortable and conducive reading environment.

Hard copy books for various reasons

One of them is that it doesn't pose distractions as opposed to smart devices. However, we can't neglect the benefits of online libraries and other similar resources.

Some books are older than a decade

Ensure to keep them in excellent condition. They include many categories in both fiction and non-fiction,

You only need to enter the name of the book, author, or category, and it’ll direct you to the shelf you can find it.

They include many categories in both fiction and non-fiction, as shown below.



Keep in touch with the trends

Library resources are for anyone to access wherever they are. So we ask that you feel free to message us for inquiries or even complaints and suggestions.